General Commission Policy

    Prices and payment
    Prices are usually shown with current commission offers that I make or will be estimated after I get a detailed description of the desired artwork and it's planed usage (personal or commercial usage). I only accept payments via Paypal. Payment can be either fully paid up front or after receiving the sketch-stage of the desired artwork. (on sketch commissions payment needs to be full up front, no exceptions there) Prices shown on my commission offers are only average prices which apply on most of the commissions I make, in special cases, for example when I have to make more changes, if the character is very detailed and has special features, etc. the price can rise within the commission progress. I don't make changes afterwards on Commissions for just Pencil Drawings and Icons.

    Refunds and cancellation
    I keep the right to not accept a commission or stop working on a commission (with refund then of course!) without a given reason at any time. I additionally offer refunds in especial cases when I can't finish a commission due to personal or other reasons. I also reserve the right to cancel a commission due to poor communication, rude or inappropriate behavior by the client or if changes of the final artwork are required which I can't work out, time or type-wise.

    Changes and add-ons
    I usually offer up to two small changes through the whole sketch process until it's completion. ( small changes for example include: expressions, clothing details, small pose details of hands, feet, hair, etc. ) One big change is exceptionally included only in the very first sketch stage (with no clean up of the lines already started) and only for commissions with a price higher than 100 EUR. (a big change for example would be a new perspective or whole new pose, anything that requires a complete re-drawing of the artwork or big parts of it)
    Add-ons, like adding features (wings, different clothing, more details, background, pets, etc.) are possible after the sketch-stage is finished but will come with extra costs, even if those features were initially included but not wanted by the commissioner at the beginning. The same applies for upgrading commissions, if you bought a line-art and want to upgrade it to a colored painting, this is usually possible if my time-frame allows it (depends on the type of commission) but also with extra costs of course.

    I don't offer exact timelines for my commissions, as it's hard for me to tell when I am going to finish what. I mostly work on commissions besides a full time job and various projects. It can happen that a commission I usually finish within a month can take up to three months to be finished, please keep that in mind. If you need an artwork to be finished on an exact date please tell me up front, I'll do my best but it can happen that I cancel a commission just because I won't be able to finish it in time.

    _________Usage and Rights_________

    Personal Commissions:
    If it's a personal commission, I reserve all the rights of the commissioned artwork (character design excluded). I have rights to use the commissioned work for portfolios or similar. (also counts for printed portfolios or art-books)
    Rights can be extended for extra fees if not excepted in the commission offer description. (converting a personal commission to a commercial-usage one for example)
    The client isn't allowed to sell prints or perform any other form of commercial usage of the artwork. The client is allowed to change the size, cutout and color of the artwork for personal usage (for icons, wallpapers, etc.) The client may also upload the artwork on their personal websites or galleries if those websites are for legal and non-commercial usage. (but in any cases please tell me before) credit is required in the form of a link back to the artist's original artwork or the gallery.

    Commercial Commissions:
    I offer the option where the full or partial rights of an artwork can be purchased extra. This means the client can use the artwork for any commercial-usage as long as it is for legal opportunities. (including selling prints, use the artwork logo-wise for a company, etc.) It is not allowed to alter my artwork and sell it multiple times as different artworks, even if the full rights are purchased. For more detailed information concerning the usage of commercial artworks from me, please contact me. If you plan to use a commissioned artwork commercially please tell me up front!

    Themes I don't draw

    - any nude themes (not even parts)
    - anything beyond PG-13 rating (gore, extreme brutal scenes, etc.)
    - religious and political themes
    - ovensive poses
    - any themes that include discrimination or hate

    Information and communication
    Depending on the type of commission I normally only work with full descriptions and if reference images of the desired characters are given. If the commission isn't stated as a character-creation commission I won't design any characters from scratch.
    Please check my galleries before you buy a commission! Be sure to respect my style and my usual artwork-themes when commissioning me. I sometimes offer to 'emulate' other styles but for most of my commissions I will work with what I am used to
  • By ordering a commission from me, the client is agreeing to all the rules above.

    If you have any further questions don't hesitate to contact me
    (Email: spitfiredragon (at) gmx (dot) at )